1966 Honda Dream 305 for Sale

left side of the 1966 Honda Dream 305  motorcycle

left side of the 1966 Honda Dream 305 motorcycle

left side of the 1966 Honda Dream 305  motorcycle right side  of the 1966 Honda Dream 305 motorcycle front  of the 1966 Honda Dream 305  motorcycle back  of the 1966 Honda Dream 305 motorcycle

The 1966 Honda Dream 305 for Sale cranks on the first kick plus the electric starter works. The vintage Honda Dream motorcycle for sale has only 13k miles original miles on it and it is very clean.

The old Honda has lots of power! I weigh in at 230 pounds and the motorcycle has no trouble getting up to 70 mph on a level, straight course.


I ride the Dream a 26 mile round-trip back and forth to work each day and it's great on gas and very dependable.

I just went through the process of getting the title changed over from Indian to Pennsylvania and the motorcycle now has an antique license plate for it which means no more Pennsylvania PA motorcycle inspections, yeah!

You won't find a nicer vintage Honda motorcycle like this Dream for sale in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, on Craigslist or in an Ebay auction so hurry and make an offer before it gets away from you!

Strike Lightning would also encourage bikers to submit a review of the 1966 Honda Dream 305 for Sale to make the biker community aware of any problems that are commonly associated with the officially licensed antique Honda motorcycle or to highlight its positive features and help potential buyers make informed decisions.

The Honda dream is located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania PA and I'm only asking $3,500.00 for the bike and would keep it if I had the space.
If you have any questions you can contact me,John by emailing me your questions and offers using the space below that has been provided by Strike Lightning Motorcycles for Sale (and PLEASE do not neglect to include your contact information in your email or to provide a phone number or email address if you leave a message!) so that I can respond with answers to your questions or after consideration of your best offer as quickly as possible.

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dream 305 NEW
by: michael banyon

purchased my dream 305 in early 6o's. cant be more exact with date, because honestly, don't remember much about the 60's. as a lifetime (50 years +) cannibus user) what you read is what I remember. bought the bike from my neighbor, bill Robertson, a Honda auto dealer and avid sports fisherman. as he explained to me, I either bought the first one out the door or the second one. it was a beautiful downsized version of a Harley fulldress. I noticed that everywhere I rode in Hollywood(los angeles) all the Harley owners really just shook their heads, they didn't really know how to react. they were shocked at the close looks of the dream, and their own big rig.i could go on about the few problems I had, like spare parts. I had a headlight that just wouldn't stay in place. after the third trip back to the shop, I finally got it to stay in place. about 9 months later, the headlight burned out, and I returned to robertsons for a new light. got a call about 2 hours later from the service dept for me to stop by. since I lived within 3 blocks from the dealership, I headed on over. when I gor thete, the service dept and bill Robertson both asked me about "my modification" to the headlight aasy, a small tree branch about 5 inches long, fashioned much like a slingshot, which was used to hold the assy in place. after much discussion, the worker in the maintenance owned up to the substitution. it was a great timein my life. I might add that I respected bill Robertson with the utmost admiration. these were good old days.....

Bike is still available
by: John

If interested please email me at:

Honda 305
by: Anonymous

If this is still for sale, can you please call me at 704-975-6775? Thanks.

Still got it?
by: Anonymous

Hey I was wondering if you still have it? and how much? if you do would love if you send pics to isaacsanker at hotmail.com

How much?
by: Anonymous

How much would it cost? I'm looking to buy for my wife to ride

Still Got it? Here's my price
by: pogotwahyu@yahoo.com

How about 2.500? Email me if you still have it for sale and I'm in the ballpark on price.

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