1976 Honda CB750 Chopper for Sale

by Ben

Custom 1976 Honda CB750 Chopper

Custom 1976 Honda CB750 Chopper

The 1976 Honda CB750 Chopper for Sale is a nice custom motorcycle with a rigid frame, a big bore kit 810cc, custom forward controls, a custom oil gauge, a coffin fuel tank and metric extended forks with a 40 degree (?) rake.

It has a custom leather motorcycle seat, leather throttle grips, a Maltese cross taillight and an old school squeeze bulb horn (not in the picture.

PLUS it has:

custom aluminum flame chain guard
custom battery box with skull etching
a custom motorcycle paint job with stenciled graphics
new drag exhaust pipes
new gel battery
both an electric and a kick start
high beam and low beam headlight that offers the option to turn the head light off during the day (which is legal in Ohio)
the bike has no turn signals (also legal in Ohio as long as you use hand signals)

It has new tires on a set of mag wheels (also have the front spoke wheel and new tire and I'm in the process of trying to locate a rear spoke wheel so basically it has two sets of rims and tires.

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I am currently having the following maintenance and repairs performed on the custom chopper for sale

I am having the:
Installing new throttle Cables
Having the valves adjusted
installing new gas lines and fuel filters
having the oil and filter changed
installing 4 new air filters

and will have the receipt for the work done by WOODS CYCLE IN FINDLAY OHIO. I use them because he is an awesome old school motorcycle mechanic.

The only problems with the motorcycle is that one of the carbs is draining fuel overnight because it sat idle for a year. The abovementioned work on the Honda will not be completed for a month or so but it should be perfect then.

You can use Google to type in ben512v and look at the second posting in the list "pics by ben512v in photobucket". Go there and there are some videos that will come right up.

If you have any questions about the CB750, you can contact me via email using the comments form provided by GoGoCycles Custom Chopper Motorcycle Classifieds .

My price for the 1976 Honda CB750 Chopper for Sale" is $6,000 cash or trade even up trade for a very nice VW trike. The only trike I would consider trading for is a very nice VW trike that is ready to go; no junk!

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by: Anonymous

Have the repairs been done to the motorcycle that you have listed?

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