1979 Yamaha RD400 Daytona Special

by JS 9

The 1979 Yamaha RD400 Daytona Special for sale is a nice 1979 Yamaha RD400F Daytona Special that has had abt $2100 invested in the engine build alone!

It has new handlebars, grips, battery, the motorcycle seat has new upholstery and the fuel tank is shiny clean inside.

The brake calipers and Master cylinders (f&r) have been rebuilt, the stock carbs have been cleaned,rebuiltand synch'd. The fuel petcock has been rebuilt and got new gaskets and "O" rings. The bike's electrical has been scrubbed, checked and charges nicely. It got fresh transmission oil, new plugs, points and timing, the oil injection bled and synch'd and it has new oil lines.

It has the original paint and decals and it's showing its age but it's still a very attractive rust free Colorado motorcycle that starts easily and runs very well.

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I've only put a few hundred miles on it and it still needs "break-in" for the new motor.

If you are aware of any problems that are known to be associated with the Daytona Special or if you simply would like to voice your opinion or write a review you are more than welcome to do so using the space below that has been provided by Gogocycles Used Motorcycles for Sale (and PLEASE do not neglect to include your contact information in your email or to provide a phone number or email address!) so that I can respond with answers to your questions or so that our visitors can respond to your remarks or voice their own opinions if they would like.

In my opinion there is not a better deal on a used Yamaha Daytona Special as nice as mine in Denver Colorado CO on Craigslist or in an Ebay auction so hurry and make an offer before you miss out!

GoGocycles appreciates your interest in the 1979 Yamaha RD400 Daytona Special as well your making comments or sharing any information that you have on it to make the biker community aware of any problems that are commonly associated with this motorcycle or to highlight its positive features or to make suggestions as to where a current owner might find good used Yamaha motorcycle parts for sale that they can use to repair and maintain the bike should they want to buy.

My asking price is $5200 and I see them selling all the time for $5500.00 so don't lowball me. Just call (NO EMAILS) 3039eightsix577seven if interested and don't forget to mention that you found this ad on Gogocycles Motorcycle Classifieds www.gogocycles.com.

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Two Stroke rocket-RD 400D
by: Anonymous

I had one of these when I was 17 (1977) and damn near killed myself on it a few times. This bike will pull wheelies in every gear. I know because I did it. Mine finally gave up the ghost when I slid it into a curb on a road that I was not familiar with. It turned left (the road) and went from pavement to gravel and as I leaned her over I hit gravel and she slid right into the curb doing about 40. I went over the high side and about 50 ft down the side of the road. I had a leather jacket on which saved me a bunch of skin but the bike was totaled. I loved that bike as it was my first vehicle and gave me freedom to go where I pleased. I can't believe there are still a few out there. May she live long and stay upright-James

Images of 1979 Yamaha street and trail
by: Anonymous


by: Anonymous

Just call me at 3039eightsix577seven if interested!

RD-400 Daytona Special
by: Anonymous

How many original miles on odometer and are the motor and bike matching numbers. I owned one before but had to sell because of moving. I would like to own another.

Dean Hallam

e-mail rover528@gmail.com

rd 400
by: Anonymous

i would like to buy this bike..

Bid on bike
by: Anonymous

I'll tell u this. It's a nice bike. I'd b willin to go about $1500.00 on it right now babe !!

by: Anonymous

Call 3039eightsix577seven if interested in the bike.

Bike still for sale?
by: Rhys

Is your bike still for sale?
Please contact me

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