2003 Unigo Trailer for Sale

by Walt
(Evansville,IN 47715)

200 Unigo trailer with Trailer Hitch for BMW 1200LT

200 Unigo trailer with Trailer Hitch for BMW 1200LT

I have a 2003 Unigo Trailer for Sale that is the 2003 model made in New Zealand. The motorcycle trailer for sale has a motorcycle trailer hitch for a BMW 1200LT. However, it probably could easily be modified for other bikes.

It is in as near perfect condition as possible and still be considered a used motorcycle trailer.

Unigo motorcycle trailers are the easiest pulling brand of trailer that you will find. This particular trailer has never been licensed, has COO and has been used only a very few times on short trips


If you're interested you may leave your questions, requests regarding the purchase of this trailer and your contact information in the space below provided by Strike Lightning and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

Strike Lightning would also encourage bikers to submit a review of theused motorcycle trailer for sale to help potential buyers make informed decisions and to benefit the biker community as a whole.

The 2003 Unigo trailer for sale is located in Evansville Indiana and my asking price is only $2350.00.

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by: Anonymous

Is it still available? Please post here if yes and include your contact info.

very interested
by: Anonymous

is the unigo available?

Do you still have it
by: Mike

Still have it for sale?

Old Uni-go is great
by: Anonymous

I don't know of any real problems with the Uni-GO made in NZ. Every single wobble problem I have personal knowledge of is the new ones from the US. The frame/hitch/connector are not aligned correctly on some of them. I've use mine since 2003 and have over 50K on it. I changed the bearing last year just for preventative maintenance. Cost a big $25. It uses standard bearings. Just knock the old one out and take to a bearing shop and get one with same dimensions. Also replaced the U-joint on the hitch. It's a standard NAPA part and the higher end unit was around $20. My trailer has never wobbled and it has been pulled at high speeds for hours on end - fully loaded. On a test run, it ran over an indicated 120 with not wobble. I highly recommend the Uni-go - especially the ones built in NZ.

Is the Uni Go still for sale?
by: Anonymous

Is the Uni Go still for sale? If so, please let me know at carroll.k@live.ca Thank you.

Still for sale?
by: Anonymous

Is the Uni Go still for sale? If so, please call Bill at 815-575-2855. Thanks.

Is this trailer sold
by: Bert

Call me at 941 228-9134 if you still have this trialer and hitch. My bike matches it. I believe I looked at this earlier this year when I planned a trip to Minnesota.

by: Anonymous

Will the hitch fit a 2001 BMW K1200rs?

by: Anonymous

Is the unigo still available? If yes, contact me at donald.prouty@yahoo.com

by: Anonymous

Make it 2000 cash and it is a deal.

Offer for you
by: Anonymous

Offer is $1,950 in cash and I can be there Sunday, 8/15. travelor@mndspring.com

by: Anonymous

I can ask any amount I want to, if you don't want to buy it don't!

by: Anonymous

You can buy a new 2010 uni-go trailer from schoolhouse (new owner of uni-go of New Zealand) lacated in Ohio for 2400.00! A hitch for an LT is about 300.00, new. The older uni-go's had some problems with the bearings in the wheel. Just an FYI.

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