You think you know bikers, those wild children of the road, with their gothic biker jewelry, black leather jackets, imposing motorbikes. But do you really? These guys and girls represent everything our hearts secretly desire but manage to repress.
The idea of riding wherever the winding roads may lead is so tempting completely transcending the age of a person, their gender or their race.Don't we wonder what would make down home, conventional run-of-the-mill girls and boys, wear scary jewelry, and bolt to get on their Harleys and blast down the highway rather than stay home and close to their roots?

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Biker babes and macho men are all part of the landscape in front of the establishments where you see rows of Harley-Davidson's parked where few of the unaffiliated dare to venture. Motorcycle people prefer to associate with their own to share the same style of biker jewelry, biker boots and preferably the hard earned patches from similar organizations is not the same organization.

These carefree individuals not only share the same look but a particular code of honor. They are the royalty of our roadways with a penchant for biker jewelry, sick tattoos, flashy custom paint jobs and lots of chrome. Presentation counts for a lot and bikers for the most part go for the latest and sadistic or masochistic fashion. Maybe not the leather whips or masks but they all have their fair share of studded leather clothing and special motorcycle jewelry.

The biker jewelry motifs and sewn on biker patches and helmet stickers with their catchy sayings will give you some insight into their state of mind and with some study might tell you with whom they are affiliated. If you have the opportunity to visit a motorcycle rally pay attention and you'll see that people displaying patches with various logos hang tight.

Some have made the symbols or logos from their patches into custom-made sterling Silver or Gold pieces of motorcycle jewelry. You'll see various pins decorating the front of their leather vests and the flaps on their saddlebags.

You don't have to along to a club to wear motorcycle jewelry. If you own a Harley-Davidson motorcycle there's not a thing wrong with wearing some Harley-Davidson jewelry. And classy jewelry it is! There's gold and silver Harley-Davidson jewelry for pierced ears studded with diamonds as well as the traditional sterling silver. You can find Harley-Davidson jewelry at your local Harley shop or lots of people pick it up from an auction on eBay. This is generic motorcycle or biker jewelry that doesn't affiliate you with any particular organization or club. What it does say about you is that you love motorcycles.

What never ceases to amaze me is how creative some of the motorcycle riders are with the jewelry they wear. Bikers love silver motorcycle jewelry because it looks so great on black leather. Pewter and stainless steel will give the same contrast but biker jewelry doesn't have to the precious metal at all a handmade barb wire ring to match a bicep tattoo is not unusual. Bikers are not big fans of convention in fact that's part of who they profess themselves to be: unconventional. Often times they are unconventional but have a strong faith in a higher power and worked tirelessly to raise funds for needy children or other charities. Just because bikers march to a different drummer does not mean they are not civic minded or staunchly religious.

Some motorcyclist jewelry that I've seen seems obsessed with the subject of death:

  • Classic Crossbones and Skulls
  • Poisonous Snakes
  • Blood Red Roses with Thorns
  • Patriotic Themes With Stars and Bars
  • Aviator (Harley Davidson) wings

Pretty Gothic stuff and then there is the more sexy side of it that deals with piercings in unmentionable areas.

Motorcycle themed jewelry sets itself apart from Goth jewelry by carrying more weight and the more substantial. This massive bling is not for sissies. One of the heavy chains with large, thick links can weigh well over a pound. A masculine manly piece of jewelry to be sure. These impressive pieces have evolved from the classic wallet chain or pocket watch chain to chains with links of mammoth proportions. In the world of biker jewelry size, design and motifs matter. Before you go out and buy some biker jewelry, do some research and make it your business to find out what the design might indicate to your motorcycle riding friends. Know what your choices in Harley Davidson biker jewelry say about you.