Chang Jiang CJ750 Vintage WWII Replica

by Greg T.
(Roswell, GA Georgia USA)

Chang Jiang CJ750 Vintage WWII Replica motorcycle

Chang Jiang CJ750 Vintage WWII Replica motorcycle

The Chang Jiang CJ750 Vintage WWII Replica for sale is a 1971 built Chang Jiang 750 that replicates a 1942 WWII BMW R-71. These bikes were favorites of the Chinese military from the 1950's to more recent times.

The Chinese got the tooling and the plans to make the Chang Jiang from the Russians who in turn got them from BMW back in the 1940's.

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Please e-mail me to request more information and more facts on the World War II motorcycle's unique history.

The motorcycle has a horizontal 32hp 750cc side valve engine and a 4-speed transmission with a reverse gear. Top speed on this beast is approximately 60 mph. Although the bike runs on 1930's technology, it does have a 12 volt charging system and an electrical start plus the kick start.

My asking price for the Chang Jiang motorcycle for sale is $8500 or you are welcome to submit a best offer bid when you email me your questions and offers for this nice antique motorcycle replica using the space below that has been provided by GoGoCycles Used Motorcycles for Sale (and PLEASE do not neglect to include your contact information in your email or to provide a phone number or email address if you leave a message!) so that I can respond with answers to your questions or after consideration of your best offer as quickly as possible.

You won't find a nicer World War II replica motorcycle for sale on Craigslist or in an Ebay auction so hurry and make an offer before it gets away from you!


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Wrong years
by: Anonymous

This can't be a replica of a 1942 BMW R71. The R71 stopped production in 1941, the same year BMW Started making the R-75. The gas tank and the front fender suggest an R-75 but the frame mounted toolbox suggest R-71. I highly doubt this is a 71 CJ. It has a type 2 engine which, while starting manufacturing around 1966, wasn't put on the CJ until 72 due to an over abundance of the type 1 engine. The side car frame is 1980's. The 12 volt system and the reverse gear wasn't added until mid to late 1980's probably '86. The OHV was done around the same time. The bike frame could be early 1970's (I can't tell from the pictures) but the meat of that bike appears to be from the late 1980's probably after '86 at the earliest.

Harley copied the BMW R-75 in the early 40's and made a handful of The Harley-Davidson XA (Experimental Army) flat twin 750's for the US Army.

Military colors
by: Ghostriderhill

You can order these units in just about any color scheme you so desire from deseart tan to Leuwaffe blue from Chang Jiang.

wrong color
by: Anonymous

about wrong paint the u.s. took these bike from germans an repainted them and used as u.s. bikes because they where better than what we had this was before one was sent to harley and reproduced as a harley thanks

Wrong army.
by: Anonymous

Dude.. If this is supposed to look like a 1942 BMW,then why did you paint it like an U.S. Army motorcycle?? It was the German army that used sidecar BMWs. Therefore,you've got the color and markings all wrong. You flunk.

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