Custom Harley Chopper for Sale



You are going to be knocked out when you my price on this Custom Harley Chopper for Sale. I'm asking a very cheap $5000.00 obo for the HD XL1200 chopper and it RUNS EXCELLENT but I MUST SELL!!

It has a 2006 Paughco Frame with a Harley Davidson XL1200 Motor and YES THIS BIKE will run. Actually it runs both excellently AND fast and interested buyers are most welcome to come take it out for a spin.


If you are on the fence and wondering if you should just buy a used Harley Davidson that is factory stock or some off brand custom motorcycle for sale, you should plan a trip to California, make an appointment to ride the Custom Harley Chopper for Sale in Strike Lightning Used Motorcycles for Sale Classified Ads and see what I'm talking about!

If you are wondering about what parts were used to build the Harley Davidson chopper for sale, I have all receipts dating back to 1991 and you can see for yourself that the engine is new from top to bottom including the cases,connecting rods,crank and it also has a mild Andrews cam, a 38 degree Rake, a custom made tank and oil bag, a belt drive, a 21" Front Tire and a 16" Rear Tire.

The ignition and coil are hidden under the seatpan and I bought the frame brand new from Paughco. Along with all the chopper's part receipts, I have all the paperwork for the frame and motor and the numbers all match.

If you have seen this stolen motorcycle, please leave a comment below.

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by: Anonymous

So is this freaking thing for sale or is it been misplaced?

Any how why are you trying to sell something that has been ripped off.

This ad really blows and should be taken off and the asshole who wrote it should be smacked upside the head with a bat - a metal one at that!!

by: Anonymous

Well, yeah for $5000 the custom chopper should RUN! $5000!

by: Anonymous

I know that it's late but I remember seeing a chopper on crime watch that was reported as stolen. After that I saw one listed for sale by owner in a classified on Ohio Craig's list that looked like it, and now I'm seeing another one that looks like it on this page. I'm confused as to why there are so many custom choppers that look so much alike. Any clues?

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