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The Suzuki Hayabusa turbo is powerful enough for riders who enjoy a trip around the scenic route on the weekends, but the Hayabusa Turbo is like putting the basic motorcycle on steroids with a top speed that will scare the hell out of a casual rider. This powerful, high performance bike is for bikers into racing with a serious need for speed.

We get a lot of ads offering a Suzuki Hayabusa for sale and on the rare occasion, a turbo. Even though these motorcycles are completely street usable, they are a special, supercharged bike that is designed for speed, racing and only advanced riders who desire ultimate in power and performance and know how to handle themselves should be hopping on for a ride.

2001 Suzuki Hayabusa blue super custom airbrushed

customized Suzuki turbo motorcycles for sale.




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There are only a couple of easy hurdles that you have to jump over to use our free classifieds to advertise your custom Hayabusa for sale. The first step of taking some pics may be the most important. Either take some pictures of your Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle for sale (take photos from different angles and you might want to include a shot of the odometer reading to prove the motorcycle's current mileage).

After you have a couple of photos of the Hayabusa that will be shown at the top of your classified, take a minute to write a detailed description of the Hayabusa for sale. Just so you know, when you're selling a custom racing motorcycle, you probably want to tell potential buyers what you believe the top speed of the Hayabusa Turbo to be. Other points you should cover might be your general location, a list of parts and accessories included in the deal and ESPECIALLY how much you would like to get for your bike.

Determining the value of a custom Hayabusa Turbo is different from placing a value on your average, run of the mill Suzuki motorcycle for sale because of the variations in the cost of upgraded parts, Turbo kits, etc.

You can try calling a loan officer at your bank and ask him what he would be willing to loan on the bike for starters. This is always a good idea because when potential buyers go to their bank for financing only to find that they can't get a loanfor anywhere close to what they are paying for the Suzuki Hayabusa Turbo, they might back out on the deal.

Next pay a visit to the guy that customized your motorcycle and ask him what he thinks you can sell the motorcycle for.

Then, check the auctions online to see what similar custom Turbos are selling for. Remember that no matter how much you invested in a turbo kit, parts and accessories...your bike is only worth what another biker is willing to pay for it so look for what they sold for in past auctions NOT what at listing prices.

And if you're interested in buying rather than selling, you might want to visit one of the forums where motorcycle racing fans and techs gather to see what they have to say about parts used on the bike that you are thinking about buying. You might also want to read up on the Suzuki Hayabusa to see if a super, turbo charged motorcycle is really necessary!