Horrible Motorcycle Accident

by Dewey

Horrible Motorcycle Accident Picture

Horrible Motorcycle Accident Picture

Y'all may have seen pictures of this horrible motorcycle accident already but I wanted to post it because it shows why we need laws to stop people from texting and talking on cell phones while driving.

There were two people in the car and after the wreck, the guy on the motorcycle was lodged inside the car with them. The Volkswagon rolled over from the force of the impact and came to rest about 20 feet from where the place where the the motorcycle accident took place.

The driver of the Volkswagen was talking on her cell phone when she pulled out in front of the motorcycle. There was no way that the guy riding the bike could react in time to avoid being involved in the wreck.

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horrible motorcycle car accident crotch rocket street bike

horrible motorcycle car accident crotch rocket street bike

But the passengers and the automobile and the motorcycle rider were killed instantly in this horrible motorcycle wreck and the this gory sight was put on display at the Motorcycle Fair by the Police and Road Safety Department.

As bikers we should forward this to automobile owners and soon to be licensed drivers as well as motorcycle owners AND ESPECIALLY EVERYONE YOU KNOW WHO TEXTS and TALKS ON A DAMN CELL PHONE WHILE ON THE ROAD because it's true that a picture is worth a thousand words and this pile of wreckage left after this horrible motorcycle accident might make an impression and save the life of a loved one.

Strike Lightning Used Motorcycles for Sale is happy to post pics of motorcycle wrecks to educate and warn riders to (as one of the posters commented) ride like everybody's out to kill you.

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Thank you for your condolences
by: Anonymous

As a result of my daughter's death, we started a small non profit, 100% volunteers, to help educate motorists about watching for motorcyclists and sharing the road.

We speak at local driving schools and other organizations when invited. Our second daughter and her husband were also hit by a truck driver at an intersection where they had the right of way.

The truck driver came out of a side road and wedged their bike between the truck and a guard rail. They were also going about 45 mph on a straight stretch of road and the driver of the truck obviously ran the stop sign.

He said he didn't "see" them and tried to convince the patrol that it was their fault even though he obviously ignored the stop sign.

They were not injured since they were in full protective gear and the bike has double crash bars, hard bags etc. Thankfully they are very responsible bikers plus, Jim had completed a motorcycle rider course a year earlier.

He said that because of what he had learned at the safe riding course, he was prepared for an emergency and knew how to react in an emergency. We also believe that there was an angel watching over them.

At the time we were getting ready for a party and I had a very strange and powerful urge to visit our daughter's grave. So, I left everything and visited her grave which was not something that I would normally do.

When I got back home, I learned of their crash and that at the time of the wreck I was at the grave site.

All bikers should take the necessary steps to be trained properly, dress appropriately and take all the safety precautions possible.

In addition to avoiding all distractions, drivers should always be on the watch for motorcycles. If you will do that for us; we will do our part because. We will see cars and trucks because they are bigger.

Ride safely,friends and may your God protect you.

Texting While Driving
by: Anonymous

AMEN! Will somebody please invent a gadget that will disable electronic devices in vehicles until they are stopped?

Sorry for Your Loss
by: Anonymous

I just read your comment and wanted to say how sorry I am about your daughter.

Things have always been bad regarding 4 wheel motorists not paying attention to those of us riding motorcycles but with texting things have really gotten awful.

We can't ride down the road without dodging somebody with an electronic device in their hand. Sadly, the ones that can cause the most damage, professional truck drivers, are the worst!

Stay alert and take time to see what is coming
by: Anonymous

Yes, there are a lot of idiots, both motorists and bikers out there. But taking that extra couple of seconds to see what is coming before you pull into a lane of traffic will save lives. My daughter was killed when a truck pulled into the path of her bike. She was going about 45 mph. The truck driver was going 11-13 mph. Skid marks showed she tried to stop but obviously she was right on top of him when he pulled out. He couldn't have really looked. But he said he didn't "see" her. How could you not see someone that close? There was nothing to hide her. There was no other traffic except of a car several hundred yards behind her. All motorists need to take that extra few seconds to really LOOK,allow your eyes to focus on what you are looking at and determine if it is safe to pull onto the road. AND drivers must NOT allow themselves to be distracted whether it be talking on the cell, texting, eating or any other distraction. We all need to share the road, respect one another, stay alert and be responsible drivers to save lives.

I see both sides
by: Anonymous

I am 50 and I own a car and a motorcycle. It seems as the yrs go by, the worse car drivers get about motorcycles. And I will be the first to Admit there are some very irresponsible motorcycle riders out there, but there are irresponsible car drivers. It is amazing what I see drivers in cars doing every day. I had a car pull out last yr coming from the other direction. He pulled between two eighteen wheelers in the turn lane right in front of me. Now tell me I had time to react! NO!!! Then he tried to lie and said I side swiped him. I was very lucky, a car pulled over and waited for the police and collaborated my story. I think every one needs to respect the road and care for their life and others!!!! Not try to kill!!


this was in Sweden
by: Rem

Accident took place in Sweden close to one year ago. As is described the vw driver was on the phone at the moment of the collision but what's not mentioned is that the motorcycle driver was traveling at an estimated speed of 155 mph.

G Force
by: Anonymous

G force is speed squared over distance to stop(x30).

That said, a 500lb bike traveling at 55mph coming to an instant stop (into the side of a vehicle running a red light) will experience approximately 50,000 lbs of force.

by: DuQue

Unless you've ridden a bike, you can't say a thing. A motorcycle rider has to be twice as alert as the idiot in the car, they don't see us. An old dude told me when i got my first street bike: ride like everyone is trying to kill you! it works. And if you can get by the first 6 months on the street you'll be OK,. evrything happens that can possibly happen in this time period. Wear your helmet fools!

by: Anonymous

How is the car "at fault" all by their lonesome? The driver of the motorcycle was OBVIOUSLY going WAY over the speed limit. Speed limits BY INTERSECTIONS are designed to prepare you to stop at a moment's notice to prevent instances like this. This should be posted on bike pages and say SLOW DOWN. Or STOP WEAVING IN AND OUT OF TRAFFIC. I'm sorry for sounding heartless cause noone deserves this. But don't make the biker a martyr. What the hell was the bike doing? Attempting to time when the red light was going to change to green so they wouldn't T-BONE THE CAR. Hello - lets all think about this. EVEN if the person driving was texting and driving WHICH IS WRONG the bike should have had WELL enough time to even SEE the asshole car continuing past the red light. A responsible rider would have seen it. This is in no way defending the driver for "texting and driving" they were wrong for that as well.

ALL drivers and riders need to be more cautious.
by: slclogston

I was just tooling around always looking for things to scare myself so that I stay riding smart.
I ride everyday and I see both sides of this argument. (As far as this wrecks goes however, I'd say the driver of the VW was at fault.)

There are careless riders. There are riders that treat a freeway like a racetrack and a street like a stunt arena; however when they screw up, they pay for it themselves (with a rare exception here and there).

HOWEVER, more common is the driver who treats their car like an office, a movie theater, diner, or a chat room. And they'll take other drivers and riders with them.

Its sad that things like this happen and yet we still can't get people's attention back on the road. Personally, I think driving ages should go up and the standard set higher. Driving a vehicle isn't a right.
I'm all for having license yanked out of people's hands instead of writing ticket after ticket. The roads would be alot safer.

Teen drivers and immortality!
by: Anonymous

Closure Rates

The closure rate is the amount of time it takes a car to reach a certain point (usually your location). Teens are notoriously bad judges of closure rates. Part of this is due to inexperience with judging closure rates. Teens also have a tendency to glance too quickly at approaching cars. Unless you watch a car for a few seconds, it’s impossible to gauge how fast it’s traveling.

I motorcycle traveling 55mph collides with an oncoming car traveling 45mph and you have a closing speed of 100mph.

Youth and exuberance will always fall to age and experience.

Who,s the idiot?
by: Charliehorse

i can tell by your comment that you don,t ride a bike. try to avoid a teenager who makes a hard right turn across your lane doing 55mph with no warning.Did i mention i was doing 45mph and it was night. The lane she turned onto was on an angle so she didn,t need to slow down to make the turn, unless someone like a motorcycle is coming in the other direction. i missed her by inches and was able to regain control without crashing.Your the idiot for puting a ststement like that on the web.

by: Anonymous

For that to happen ; the idiot on the bike had to be going WAYYYYYY too fast.A 55 mile per hour collision would not do that.Anyone that drives their bike in excess of the speed limit is INVITING death.Just because your bike goes 160mph is not a license to do so.An alert bike rider, doing the speed limit , and paying attention should be able to stop.

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