How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Motorcycle
How to Ship Your Motorcycle
Safely and with No Problems

Some of you have recently asked me how much does it cost to ship a motorcycle. Well, get quotes but here's some advice on HOW TO SHIP MOTORCYCLES that you may find helpful whether you are shipping a motorcycle after you bought it through one of our classifieds or if you are just hauling it to a motorcycle show.

And so you know, if you’re planning on shipping your motorcycle to one of the big events, PLAN AHEAD! I was amazed when a motorcycle shipping company told me that a couple of months lead time is common and that average cross country delivery time takes a couple of weeks or more! Now here's our tips on how to ship your motorcycle for the cheapest price and still have it arrive in one piece plus an FAQ on how to find out exactly how much it's going to cost you.
Would you loan your motorcycle to somebody you don't know? Well, that's kind of what you're doing when you hire a hauler. Before you get into asking how much does it cost to ship a motorcycle with your company, you need to double check the company's references. Speak with others who have used their service. If a company won't provide you with names I would be afraid of them. Maybe you can get an idea of how much does it cost to ship a motorcycle from them.

Just so you know, most haulers will not be responsible for lost or stolen accessories that are attached to your motorcycle. With this in mind, here's some advice for getting your bike ready for shipping. This is CRUCIAL to know if your bike is shipped on an open motorcycle trailer. Even you are considering an enclosed motorcycle trailer rentalI would still remove my saddlebags, LED lights or anything else that can be ripped off.

Ask the hauler if they want the fuel tank emptied as many will not haul a motorcycle that has gas in the tank and always disconnect your battery before shipping.

Call me obsessive, but whip out your camera and take pictures right before the motorcycle is loaded on the trailer. Take CLOSEUPS of the paint from any and all directions. You will need this documentation if the freight company buggers up your paint or dents your fuel tank during the trip.

When figuring out how much does it cost to ship a motorcycle, you should be aware that costs can vary according to what kind of motorcycle trailer you choose. An enclosed motorcycle trailers will cost a little more than an open trailer but as we know an open trailer exposes your bike to all kinds of stuff like rocks, highway paint, road debris and that asshole who thinks that it's so cool to throw his beer bottle at road signs and custom motorcycles.

Enclosed trailers help to protect your baby on its journey. These trailers cost more to ship on, but you will not have to worry about stones bouncing off your new custom paint job. Enclosed trailers also offer up a bit more security from thieves as well. This is something to consider as your motorcycle insurance might only cover certain items while your motorcycle rolls on down the highway.

Say you're taking your bike to a rally or show but don’t want to trailer it yourself but the motorcycle trailer rental costs seem rather expensive. So is taking off extra days from work to haul it yourself. If you’re wondering how to ship a motorcycle for cheap…my advice is to ask your biker friends that are going to the same event if they might want to ship their motorcycles. This is a case where the buddy plan will save you money! The more motorcycles on the trailer, the cheaper the shipping costs on each individual.

Perhaps the most important thing about knowing how much does it cost to ship a motorcycle is how much is it going to cost to fix the damage that careless employees caused during the shipping process. Face it, these guys don’t give a crap about our prize winning motorcycles. If anything they may be jealous, so be sure to have a trusted friend standing there when the motorcycle trailer rolls up with your bike that will inspect your bike for damage.

Check for scratches and paint chips. Inspect for dents, dings or damage that might have happened during the loading, shipping, and unloading of the bike. It is your responsibility to have the bike checked out before signing the receipt and if there are problems, you have those pictures I told you to take to prove your claim to the freight company or in a worst case scenario, your own motorcycle insurance company!

So now you see why I couldn’t provide an easy answer to the question of how much does it cost to ship a motorcycle. These tips should help you in shipping your motorcycle to a rally or when having your motorcycle delivered to you after buying one from GoGoCycles Used Motorcycles for Sale.

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