Cheap Custom Used Mini Choppers for Sale, Bikes and Motorcycle Parts

Find used, custom mini choppers for sale in our classifieds. We have cheap mini chopper motorcycles and bike parts for sale at a big discount over retail for sale by private owners. Take a look at the pictures and you will see FAST that these little choppers have style and class that you might not expect to see in pocket-size motorcycles .

Mini motorcycles can be painted, customized and raced just like the real thing for a fraction of the cost of a full size motorcycle. Fans of these bikes say the cheap price is just one of the reasons that they shop our classifieds looking for used, custom mini choppers for sale. These little bikes have a BIG personality.

custom painted Harley Davidson mini chopper custom painted Harley Davidson mini chopper custom painted Harley Davidson mini chopper

What's so great about mini-choppers
They are not only fun to ride; one guy we know makes good money building and selling custom mini motorcycles.



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According to him you can build classic bike replicas or mini Harleys and the only difference in these mini chopper motorcycles and the real thing is their size.

If you have some time on your hands, cruise our classifieds and take a look at the mini choppers for sale or buy a frame and build your own.

How much do mini choppers cost?
As with most items, prices asked for the mini choppers for sale in our ads vary. Prices for the mini choppers for sale can range from as much as $10,000.00 for a show quality bike to less than $1,000 depending on whether the motorcycle is built using authentic Harley Davidson parts or from a kit. This caliber bike would be fine-tuned with detailing right down to the footpegs and capable of some pretty smooth maneuvers.

Then again you may be able to find a cheap mini chopper for sale for as little as $500.00 and change. These would be your factory built models but if you are lucky you may find one that has had some accessories tacked on. It's not uncommon for owners to customize a mass produced bike with a custom three phase House of Kolor paint job, loads of chrome and custom exhaust kits.

Mini Choppers vs Full-Size Custom Choppers for Sale
The only problem with mini choppers is that it's impossible for a really tall person to to ride comfortably. Many will support a person that weighs up to 250 pounds, but unless you enjoy riding with your knees around your ears, there are height limitations. Mini-choppers give builders looking for a cheap hobby and young riders many hours of fun. Young bikers get a chance to enjoy bike games until they're old enough to ride a full-size bike.

For the bike builder a mini chopper can be a chance to test new and detailed designs on a smaller scale before going whole hawg on the full sized model. The miniature can be a prototype of sorts, a way to layout a plan and work out any bugs or glitches.

A layout for custom motorcycle painting can be done on the fenders, tank and frame then enlarged for the big brother. If things go well, a father and son biker team is born. Remember those rainy Sunday afternoons putting together model airplanes and cars with your dad? Just think if you had put your heads together on building mini choppers instead? You would have a collection of working bikes instead of a display shelf full of plastic gathering dust.

There are loads of reasons for mini choppers popularity such as

  • It's an inexpensive way to have a unique bike
  • They don't take up all the room in the garage
  • A way for kids to get into motorcycles before they are street legal
  • Loads of fun to build and customize

We've covered the fun stuff, now we should touch on the serious side. As was mentioned before, these are NOT toys. They may be smaller than an adult's motorcycle and go slower than a full size bike, but a child could still get hurt without proper safety precautions. Parents should use this opportunity to teach their kids respect for safety laws and proper use of equipment. It's also a very good idea to cover the replacement cost of your mini chopper with cheap custom chopper insurance. Even though it's not ridden on the highway, you should get with your agent to see what type of coverage he would recommend.

Disclaimer: The contents of this article and website are for informational purposes only and should not replace advice from a professional. You should always make your own choices on the advice of your chosen expert in matters concerning your safety when considering a purchase of custom mini choppers for sale in our classifieds.