Sharp VW Trike for Sale

by Gil

WANTED! I am looking for a sharp VW trike for sale and I want to buy it at a good price. I don't expect to make out like a bandit since I know what these motorcycles cost to build but I also know what they sell for.

I want something to ride right now but might consider buying a project if it's worth the parts and at the right stage of completion.

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I have a Harley trike that the lady and I share but I would like a conversation piece. Owning a flashy "different" kind of bike is on my bucket list and there is no time like the present.

It would help if the VW trike for sale is in the Southeast but if I like what I see the wife and I could hop on a plane, bus or train and come to you and ride it home if it is running and reliable.

Contact me with YOUR EMAIL address, a description of the trike for sale, your location and what kind of price you have on it using the comment form below that has been provided by GoGoCycles Used Motorcycles for Sale and get a move on because I'm not getting any younger.

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