by Craig
(Louisville KY)

JEALOUS? Superman Ye Old Chest Piece Tattoo

JEALOUS? Superman Ye Old Chest Piece Tattoo

You see Superman tattoos everywhere these days. But as you can see from the pics, this one is on me chest. I had wanted this one for awhile.

Comment from webmaster:
Yeah! We're jealous! That's some sharp body art there.

I've got to tell you, Craig, this is one of the coolest Superman emblem tattoos that I've come across. Whoever did your ink did a great job of creating a 3D effect and making the logo seem as if it were bursting out of your chest. The ripped skin looks painful it seems so real.

The design is great and the colors are, too.
Thanks for sharing your tattoo pictures with our visitors. It has to be one of the best Superman tattoos out there. If anybody can compete with it I'll be amazed.

Would you like to give the artist a plug and send us his or her name?

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Comment Title: Bood work man by: georgieboii

The tattoo looks great, man. It is a lot like the Spiderman design but the Superman logo is more symbolic. I had the same idea to do a similar design, but you beat me to it. That's all right and it looks cool. I want to know what do the ladies say about it?

Rating *****
Comment Title: Ouch!
by: Anonymous

How long did it take for the artist to get all that ink on your chest? That's a big tattoo in a very sensitive area. I had a small tribal superman tattoo design done on my arm and this one is a lot more detailed than mine.



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by: Anonymous

SO sorry. I didn't see the previous comment before I posted.

Great Design
by: Anonymous

That's a really cool design. Wonder how many hours it took to complete.

RIP Craig
by: Anonymous

This guy was a friend of mine. He just killed him self on Saturday. Sucks.

by: Anonymous

That looks so cool! The best one I've seen ever!

Muscles Wanted
by: Anonymous

Nice tat.

my sup tat
by: Anonymous

I have a 1 dimen superman tat right above my nipple on my chest and getting it done felt like a giant metal claw had me in a titty twister,

I'm lucky the outline only took about 5 minutes.

We were all drunk and I'm just glad its straight! It could be worse. I could have to walk around the of my life with a bad tattoo. LOL

I've thought about getting a cover-up because now Im older and not drunk. Of course I'm not self asured about it.

The implement used was a guitar string in a pen casing with a small motor to drive it.

by: Anonymous

thats f##king good man....

How Much
by: alex 'the man of steel'munoz

How much did the artist charge to do your tattoo?

Could be more Original
by: Anonymous

I think this tattoo could be more original. Seems to me that it's a rip off of the Spiderman chest piece that's been floating around. Unless I'm mistaken, even the tears and missing skin are exactly the same.

The concept is good, but I would like to see something more original next time and I'll bet it would be 10 times better.

by: Anonymous

if its real then its got to be the greatest superman tattoo that ive seen but mate i say its pure CGI......

nice tat
by: Anonymous

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice tat

A Good Effort
by: Titus

This is a good effort but the Spiderman one that everyone thinks exists actually is a simply doesn't exist! Still I have to give you props for the commitment to Superman. Kudos

by: Anonymous

ya bastard! you beat me to it by 3 days same design except i opted for the classic S instead of the new one.Still Looks tight!

Rip off
by: Anonymous

The artist relied heavily on the Spiderman design for this tattoo. I would suggest that he might have considered using a red color to compliment on the torn part...shading is everything.

Tight Tattoo!
by: Doll >AyCee<

WOW! Now thiss is tight! I love it!
Man, I want a Superman tattoo
but not exactly like that. Although a Superman tatto probably will not looK
right on me because I am a GIRL!
But I just want a little one...Wonder Woman would never do! I'm going to say it once again, that tattoo is bad ass!

by: Emily

Wow, I think that tattoo is really good! I saw a Spiderman version of this design which is equally as awesome. It would be hard for me to say which one I like best. Thumbs up from me! I give your Superman tat 5 stars.

by: Anonymous

Is there any way to get the artist's name and contact info? That tattoo is sick, man!

not too bad
by: Anonymous

yeah thats a really good one, love the effect in it, was going to do that for mine that i got a couple years back, but decided to go a different path. here's a link to it.

not quite finished yet.

Spidey or Clark Kent
by: kayce

I compared this to the Spiderman version and it looks like the tattoo has pretty much the same ripped skin. The rips and everything are exactly the same. Nicely executed modifications to get the super hero of your choice. I don't have a problem with that. Nice job.

good work man
by: georgieboii

the tatt looks great man. alot like the spiderman one however, superman is more symbolic. I actually had the same idea but you beat me to it. thats alrite, looks cool tho. what do the ladies think of it?

Tattoo could be more original
by: Anonymous

There's some pictures of a similar Spiderman tattoo that has been floating around online. So, I would have liked to see a little more originality exercised in the design. I would have changed the "S" on the Superman emblem up some. The logo somehow seems too big.

None of that is your fault and it's still a good looking tattoo. But next time I'd get an artist that specialized in original body art.

by: Anonymous

How long did it take to get all that ink done? That's a big tattoo in a very sensitive area. I had a small tribal superman tattoo design done on my arm and this one is a lot more detailed than mine.

by: Anonymous

nice tattoo

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