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The Suzuki M109r has gotten quite a bit of attention in the last year or so. The Suzuki Boulevard M109R as well as the upgraded style of the Limited Edition model have been the topic of more than a few shop discussions. Word is that they are presenting a challenge to their competitors to step up or step aside...depending, of course, on which side of the argument your on.

GoGoCycles tries not to get involved in the politics of motorcycles we just provide the space where you can either advertise your Suzuki M109R for sale or buy one hopefully at a cheap price.


There are a few simple steps that you have to take to use our free classifieds to advertise your used Suzuki Boulevard M109R for sale. The first step may be the most important and that is to take some pictures of your bike that you are trying to sell (get shots from several angles and you might want to include a picture of the odometer reading to prove low mileage).




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After you have a couple of pics to upload, you then should write a detailed description of the M109R for sale giving your general location and how much you would like to get for it.

If you have no idea of the value of your Suzuki Boulevard M109R, you can first call your bank's loan officer to ask him what kind of loan value he would place on it. If potential buyers go to their bank for financing only to find the loan value is way below what they agreed to pay you for the Suzuki Boulevard M109R...they might back out on you. So, this is a smart move to head things off.

The next person you can ask is somebody that you trust at the Suzuki dealership where you do business. Ask them what they think the motorcycle is worth.

Then, as a final safety measure, you might do a search online to see what similar used Suzuki Boulevard M109Rs for sale are going for. Remember that no matter how much you invested in upgrades, parts and accessories...your motorcycle is only worth what you can actually sell it for.