Before you allow your graphics artist to wave the magic wand that makes Tinkerbell tattoos appear, know what your options are. If you are a purist that wants the image made famous in Peter Pan to be of the fairy in her feminine green dress looking innocent as the day she first sipped nectar from a flower in the forest, so be it. However, there are those that love to push the envelope and bust classic characters out of their traditional roles in a big way.

For that reason, don't be surprised when you spy dark or evil Tinkerbell pixie tattoos without the little green dress. The Tink of today that we see inked may have the fairy on your shoulder wearing an outfit of black leather with boots. Some might question the fashion sense of a fairy with thigh high or fishnet stockings while holding a riding crop or whip, but it's all in good fun and even a pixie wants to feel sexy now and then.



Perhaps your fantasy in Tinkerbell pixie tattoos runs along the lines of a picture of innocence, while exploring a more adventurous side of life. You might consider a tattoo of her resting her gossamer wings on a leaf or flower petal while enjoying a social drink with a bottle of wine nearby with a champagne glass in hand. Even a mythical woodland sprite likes to let her hair down once in a while.

If you have a favorite flower,this is your chance to do a combination tattoo that will be unlike any other Tinkerbell fairy tattoos seen around town. Have your tattoo artist design a unique, sexy Tinkerbell tattoo with the fairy in a flirtatious position on the petal of a blood red rose or if something more exotic tinkles your fancy; consider a tiger lily or an orchid.

Some people like their Tinkerbell tattoos to feature her in full flight with wings lifted and others prefer a picture with her wings folded in quiet repose. Whatever your idea of the best way to ink Tink may be, spend some time cruising the Tinkerbell tattoos in galleries to be sure. Think before you ink.

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