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There are a few things about the electric motorcycle that has caught my attention. One is that some research claims that sales of electric powered motorcycles are expected to grow at a rate only slightly less than 10% through 2016. And the other is that to me, some of them look about as good as a crotch rocket.

find those numbers to be mind boggling considering that while the Harley riding bikers that I know might be willing to go electric so long as looks and performance aren’t sacrificed but reports are that manufacturers in this economic climate are much likely to look for areas that promise big volume sales and that is not going to happen in the older Baby Boomer crowd that still looks pretty happy (at least to me?) to be hopping on their vintage Goldwing.

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Word is that the big sales in electric motorcycles will come from the developing areas of the world where they will be ridden less for kicks and used more as a means of transportation. If you have ever visited Japan, it’s pretty easy to tell that there’s just not room enough for everybody to own a car!

And in China, the internal combustion engine created such a bad smog problem in its cities that the bad air is actually killing people which has prompted investing millions into electric powered vehicle research and development. Individuals in these overpopulated areas do not have the luxury of savoring power and performance..is there any wonder why so many want to come to America?

Electric Powered Motorcycles or Scooters
Finding a cheap used scooter for sale and trying to find a sharp looking, highly rated electric motorcycle for sale are two different things! Something better may be just around the corner but right now electric motorcycles are more what I call a scooter. Due to the drive train and other working components, they are quiet, have one speed and perfect for a crowded city with little or no parking spaces. Would you want to take a long road trip on one? Probably not. Would my leather wearing biker friends be proud to buzz up to the gate of a motorcycle rally on one? Why, HELL no…And who knows how long it will take for the Hawg version of hybrid motorcycles or electric motorcycles to show up!

Comparisons of the Electric Motorcycle
Not everybody is anxiously awaiting an electric powered motorcycle that looks like it’s got a gas powered engine, rural dwellers and college kids are pretty pleased with the current incarnation and Zero Motorcycles, are selling a growing number of street bikes that will run between 30 and 40 miles on a single charge with a top speed of 65+ mph. Some compare the performance of the electric Zero motorcycle electric, E2WV, to a 250cc motorcycle. And you may be surprised to know that you can pick up a Brammo Enertia at your local Best Buy for less than $8,000! You can read all about these highly rated electric powered bikes on brammoforum.com/!

The most obvious selling points of electric motorcycles is that they are cheap to operate and easy to park. But there are some just as obvious negatives like they are more expensive than a comparable 250cc motorcycle and there’s a shorter travel range and at the moment I haven’t noticed any electric power outlets along the highways, have you? And what about apartment dwellers with no carports? Either they are going to have to buy one heck of an extension cord or haul their electric powered motorcycle inside to power up.

Top Rated Electric Scooter Brands
Here are some names of electric motorcycles that are being sold right now! Take a look and make up your own mind whether these electric motorcycles or motor scooters will work for you! You can also read more about electric powered motorcycles here.

And here are some names worth watching for when you are out shopping for cheap electric scooters for sale!

And those are just a few models and name brands that are available at the time of this article. I’m confident that by the time I stop typing another model will roll out and I don’t have the time or resources to keep up so if you would like to send us some electric motorcycle reviews, use the form on this page to tell us all about how much you love or hate that quiet, low- maintenance motorcycle! Or if you have an electric motorcycle for sale, you know the drill by now...just type a description, upload your pictures and leave the rest to us!

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