Moped vs Scooter What is the Difference and Other FAQs

The pros and cons of moped vs scooter is high on the list of two-wheel vehicle research in these days of high fuel prices and hard-to-find-parking.  On this page we will address some of the FAQs to help you, the consumer, to determine whether a 50cc moped or motor scooter would better serve your traveling style.

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Moped vs Scooter FAQs

If the bike you are considering is less than 50cc, it is considered to be a moped even if there is a foot board or platform where the rider can rest their feet. If there is a foot board or platform and it's over 50cc, this would fall within the scooter classification. How Much Does a Brand New Moped Cost vs a Scooter At the time of this article, a brand new, mid-range 50cc moped will set you back somewhere between $2k and $2,500 where a more powerful scooter would cost as much as two to three times that amount.

The bottom line is that scooters cost more than mopeds due to increased (100 to 200c+) engine power and their larger size which makes shopping for a used scooter for sale time well spent. Price is always a concern when considering moped vs scooter.

How Fast Will a Moped Go vs a Scooter

The top speed of mopeds can range between 28mph to 40mph depending on the weight of the rider where a 150cc scooter will travel as fast as 60 mph with less mpg than the slightly slower moped. With the price of a gallon of gas constantly inching upwards, this may be a wonderful time to take our time and travel at a slower pace.

Check State Laws Regarding Mopeds vs Scooters Here

Do You Need a License to Drive a Moped?

Check the laws of the state where you will be operating your moped. Generally speaking, to operate a 50cc moped or motor scooter you will need a driver's license, but not a special motorcycle license. Most state laws indicate that a 50cc moped, only a regular driver's license a learner's permit is required but always verify as laws change quickly.

Do I need a License to Operate a Motor Scooter?

Generally speaking, for any 150cc bike or scooter both a driver's and motorcycle license are required since they are fast enough to be ridden on highways. All 50 states have their own individual laws so always check with your local DMV as well as other agencies to verify that your vehicle is street legal in your area before you purchase or ride. At the time of this article, all 50 states in the USA require a license to drive a motorcycle (often an authorization on the driver's license for your car), but moped laws are different in each state.

We hope that our visitors will take a moment to compare the used mopeds vs scooters on GoGoCycles Used Motorcycles for Sale to determine which is best for their needs.

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