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Burning Tires for Fun

A motorcycle burnout probably seems like a way to kill time for the egomaniacally insane to the casual observer. However, to motorcycle enthusiasts a burnout is a really cool way to put on a huge show without risk to life and limb. Plus it’s fun to show your friends the burnt black marks that you leave long after the bike games or contest is over.

This activity is not a really cheap way to be the center of attention. Everybody knows that motorcycle tires aren't free. However, if you really put on a show at the right event you may win a prize to help you pay for some of the fun. First prize at some motorcycle rallies or motorcycle poker runs can be as much as $1000.00 or over. That's pretty good money for having fun.



motorcycle burnout contest pictures motorcycle burnout contest pictures
motorcycle burnout contest pictures

It seems that anything fun has its share of drawbacks and burnouts are certainly no different. It’s up to each biker to decide if the thrill of the motorcycle burnout is worth the payday. I’ve pointed out a thrill or two. Here comes the list of negatives:

    I’m fairly certain that you saw this one coming. Tires are not cheap and it’s obvious why this would be a concern to any motorcycle burnout fan. Guess what’s making that fabulous cloud of smoke? You guessed it, the rubber and tread that once was your tires and some dirt is what’s giving the rally crowd their jollies.
    Another handy helpful hint is to restrict your tire-burning entertainment for your local motorcycle rally or motorcycle burnout contest where you might win money to pay for more tires. Your local law enforcement and neighbors will thank you and your wife will be nicer to you when the credit card bill comes if there’s not a set of tires per month to pay for. To make the excitement last, take some pics, post them online and share them with your friends!

The above list is certainly not all-encompassing of every possible pitfall that can befall you. If you endeavor to be the black cloud burnout king of your town, you’re on your own. If you’re not a dumb head of the first order, burnouts should be pretty safe. In the arena of bike stunts, burnouts are one of the least likely to cause bodily harm. However, you should know that when I said that a burn should be safe that I can’t guarantee ANYTHING. I’ve seen people do some pretty stupid stuff, hopefully you are not one of those idiots and won’t ruin anything but your tires and reputation.

Oh yeah, beyond the tires you must have a motorcycle with a running engine, a working clutch and a front brake.

Still with me? Ok, here’s some creative ways to burn some rubber!

The basics for creating a big, black cloud worthy of note are extremely easy. Straddle the bike, feet flat on the ground and bracing yourself. Firmly, with all fingers hold the front brake. Don’t allow the front wheel to move. Pull in the clutch then rev the engine up to its powerband (for sportbikes this is approximately 6000 RPMs. Since Harley Davidsons and some thumpers don’t rev up that high, just shoot for spinning with power.

While squeezing the front brake firmly and standing at the ready to hold the motorcycle in place using the handlebars and your thighs drop the clutch said DROP IT!!! Don’t ease the clutch out or all you’ve done is created a need for a new clutch. If you drop it like I told you to IT’S SHOWTIME!

One the spin begins, just hang on and enjoy the spectacle while it lasts. If you need to stop, just pull the clutch back in.

There you have it, your generic motorcycle burnout. There are other ways to get your giggles while burning up your tires. Once you are in the advanced burnout champion category, you may wish to try:


The one thing I've never heard of is a chick burning out in the nude. Wow, a buck naked burnout contest. Now that's a concept worth exploring!

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