Motorcycle Crash Clips of the Worst Kind

Most motorcycle crash clips phase out following the accident. This video shows some of the carnage after the wreck. I know that you're not here to enjoy a fellow biker's suffering. The films are worth watching if we can learn something from someone else's mistakes!

It started off a sparkling, clear day at the racetrack. There were observers and it was a good time to practice some stunts. Who dreamed that the day would turn out to be filled with screaming wrecks and disturbing videos and motorcycle crash clips?

Some minor showoff tactics for the fans, if you will. First, the driver heads down the way on his rear wheel and all seemed to be in good shape. That is, until the unforseen came right out of nowhere to bite the biker on the butt...back and it probably hurt his head pretty bad, too.

Yes sir, the stunt that a person has done a trillion times under worse circumstances will at times throw you for quite a loop. There are many more complicated and dangerous maneuvers than this one. But if you pay close attention to the video, you will wonder which is flipping harder, further or even faster; the Suzuki sport bike or the hapless rider.

I don't think I've seen a bouncing quite like that before in other motorcycle crash clips.

We lose sight of the accident for a few moments while the camera operator was running presumably to offer first-aid. The camera at this time was jiggling the scene of the accident out of focus. When we once again have clarity of the wreck, I was relatively amazed when our stunt performance master rose to his feet without help. Then he even paid his audience the compliment of showing the ripped apart seat of his pants! Can you imagine the deadly case of road rash that we didn't see?

The blue and white Suzuki's was beat up pretty badly, too. From the way the bike was scraped up off of the asphalt and flipped over with very little concern, I suspect they considered it DOA. That wheel they showed that had separated was never going to be used again, that's for sure.

I guess the guy with the Suzuki jacket felt that he needed to celebrate surviving the ordeal with a big cigar! Now, that's a trouper! It takes a big guy to lay his bike down, roll across the pavement (right out of a scene from extremely dangerous stunts gone wrong) and stand up dust himself off and light up a stogie! You'd never guess that the smoke had just cleared from a major screw up from the casual way they are lounging about having a casual conversation at the scene before the wreckage is cleared!

Here's some other really cool motorcycle crash clips that may help you learn what NOT to do!

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