A Spinning Motorcycle Crash Video

What a mess! This motorcycle crash video will make your eyes hurt and your head spin out of control! These guys are doing a pretty good job of maneuvering the obstacle course until...well, take a look.

Things are going pretty good. The bikers are making it around the track with no accidents or crackups and the camera guy is having a pretty easy time of it. A run of the mill ordinary day of documenting activities at the local racetrack.

This was no doubt supposed to be an easy assignment to save for posterity or comparison of performance the parade of colorful performance motorcycles.

Everything seemed to go awry very quickly leaving a major amount of visual carnage preserved on film.

I suppose the crash-cam is loaded on the front of one of the racing bikes. That would be okay unless the rider with the video camera bites the dust.

The chasecam guy was boogying right along with the pack till the biker in front of him decided to wreck and roll. I was about to come to the conclusion that the whole thing was a set up. A practiced or orchestrated stunt put in place in order to make a motorcycle crash video to distribute.

Well, I was of that mindset till the dude doing the filming hit the poor guy laid out on the track going full tilt. It doesn't take a dummy to see that poor fellow was in big trouble.

This is the part where the chasecam started twirling and spinning right in time with the wreck that was taking place. The horizon was no longer steady and our vision was no longer anchored on what was taking place in front of us. Yes, this was an authentic motorcycle crash video. No fake stunts or trickery here.

Can you imagine the condition of the first guys bike, body and overall good health? What about the fellow bringing up the rear that got involved at the eleventh hour?

The assumption of one of the viewers of the video was that the camera guy had no choice but to stand it up and try to bleed speed. When things are happening at such high rates of speed, decisions must be made in the blink of an eye and hang the dire consequences.

It's just not always possible to dodge the unfortunate once the scenario begins to unfold before you. This is certainly an excellent case for leaving distance between you and your fellow riders. At least on the city streets. We all know that on the track that the rules are somewhat different. This is totally unavoidable in competition.

I did a bit of homework to find out how the victims featured in this motorcycle crash video were doing. I am happy to report that according to sources that they are recovering. I was unable to ascertain the extent of their injuries, but we wish them a speedy recovery.

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