Motorcycle helmets: to wear one may or may not be according to your personal preference. Once upon a time, traveling with the wind in your hair was one of the pleasures of riding. Then along came seat belt laws, car seat safety for babies, and of course safety measures for motorcycle riders followed. Riding our motorcycles bare headed, for most of us, is no longer an option.
Some bikers continue to rail against headgear safety requirements. This strikes me as funny sometimes because the wearing of the cool motorcycle helmets, biker jewelry, Harley tattoos and leather is one of the first things that prompted me to head to the Harley shop to begin with. There’s not nearly as much cool factor to be found in indulging in riding a bike in t-shirt, sandals and shorts.

BELL drifter flat black matte motorcycle helmet arai full face motorcycle helmet DOT racing





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Where’s the mystique and element of danger? Hey, when everybody hears a Harley drive up to the front of the building, aren’t you expecting a guy in heavy leather boots to come inside? Picture the letdown when all faces are turned expectantly towards the door and some guy in jeans, shoes and a button down shirt walks in?

While helmets can make an unwanted impact a little less devastating, they can also be personalized to reflect the personality of the wearer. POW and MIA helmets are worn by veterans and the American Eagle and Stars and Bars are sported by patriotic wearers whether they served in the Armed Forces or not. Just because a helmet is cool in appearance does not mean it can’t be functional as well.

Some popular brands are:

  • Bell
  • Arai
  • Shoei

Some riders turned to novelty helmets that offer no real impact protection in the event of a crash. Your head and the pavement are not that divided, if you know what I mean. Don’t be stubborn for stupid reasons. You CAN be cool and wear a lid that gives a little skull cracking insurance, too as there are DOT approved helmets available that look just like the novelty styles.

Some of the styles are the popular half helmets, beanies or polo styles.

They come in many different finishes and looks:

  • Dull or Matte Finish
  • Glossy and reflective black
  • Chrome or Silver

Many helmets come pre-decorated with popular images or graphics. Of course there's always the option of custom painting, stenciling or decorating your helmet with motorcycle helmet stickers that you can pick up cheap at most any motorcycle rally. It's always a good idea to add something reflective to your motorcycle helmet. Most motorcycle helmets are black and therefore not very visible in the dark of light so some reflective tape or stickers might just keep you from getting rear ended and causing you to wrinkly your sheet metal and ruin those shiny new custom chrome wheels.

Arai manufacturers some of the best helmets in the world. After all why do we bother with wearing a helmet? We don't wear them because they are cute or comfortable. We strapped those helmets on to lessen the damage and minimize splatter should the worst case scenario comes into play and we unexpectedly hit the pavement. Those DOT approved helmets are useful when motorcycle stunts go horribly wrong or when some dummy pulls out in front of you on a routine trip to the store.

The folks at Arai do their best to make putting on that helmet a little more pleasurable. The Arai Signet, in particular, has an oblong oval design that resembles a shell and gives a more comfortable fit to some hard to fit domes. The Arai Signet wears more comfortably for long periods of time and has better than average ventilation and air-flow control. The chin spoiler is also an excellent somehow manages to keep frigid air from rushing down your jacket on winter rides and keeping your visor free of moisture.

Changing out the faceshield can be confusing and downright tricky for a beginner as there is the danger of breaking the fragile side panels. While it may be difficult in the beginning, changing out your faceshield will become second nature once you've had a few shots at. Most bikers would rather change shields than wear eye-glasses underneath a clear shield.

Removable liners are a handy feature that you may wish to explore. Cheaper motorcycle helmets that don't offer removable liners push you to buy a brand new helmet as it's impossible to wash the motorcycle helmet liner. With the Arai Signet you can remove the liner and wash it on a regular basis.

Many top-of-the-line motorcycle helmet companies don't sell their products online. It's probably a good idea to go to a store and try the helmet on for size anyway. Sizes in motorcycle helmets vary like crazy and a good fit is crucial. Helmets are more important than tattoos, biker jewelry and looking cool as hard as that is to believe.

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