Motorcycle Stunt Video - Free Clip of Outrageous Streetbike Wheelies and Stunts

Here's a first class free motorcycle stunt video worth watching. While clips of crashes and accidents are hard to pull away from, every once in a while there's some footage of planned insanity that's worth taking a look at, too!

This is one of those clips.

Showing out in front of a crowd seems to be what's up with these street bikers.

One minute the guy is standing up on his crotch rocket only to do a flip and starting to be drug behind it on the blacktop the next! I was dying to know how he managed to get back on the bike, but the camera morphed into the next trick before we got to see how he did it! I don't see how he managed to keep the bike from crashing!

The next scene shows a street bike fitted with some kind of custom contraption. The device enabled the trickster to completely roll the bike over and over like it was a carnival ride for the kiddies!

How about the piece where the guy stood his bike on its back wheel. He had to be an acrobat to hop up and take a ride on the handlebars. Anybody care to guess how fast he was going down the track?

The motorcycle burn out was pretty run of the mill. Can you even call that a motorcycle stunt video piece? It seemed to be filmed on a track, but that kind of stuff is the realm of bike games at a rally. This was not even a spectacular display. I don't think this dude would have won the burnout contest at the Strike Lightin' Motorcycle Rallyanyway.

The guy reading a magazine while spinning the motorcycle on its kickstand was pretty cool. Nobody getting hurt or tore up in that deal.

But then there is footage of what appears to be a real wreck and not just a planned scenario for a motorcycle stunt video to record. The rider was so mad he jumped up and down on the engine. Oh come on, must we be so childish? It's not the bike's fault after all. Well, unless there was a system failure. We all know how frustrating that can be. I just don't happen to think there's much good in pounding your sheet metal into the pavement. Not to mention the irreparable damage to the paint and the replacement cost of that custom paint job.

For burnouts, games and another motorcycle stunt video or three, head to the homepage and check them all out!

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