Motorcycle Videos - Breathtaking!

Motorcycle videos are rapidly outpacing the standard photograph with cycling enthusiasts. While magazines are widely circulated, with the availability of free videos on the internet one can't help but wonder how long the printed medium will remain popular.

A photograph of a motorcycle accident, crash or motorcycle stunts just doesn't have the visual impact of an actual video reproduction of the event. Even a video clip of a few seconds in length provides details that are lacking in a non-moving picture, not to mention that the clip can be played over and over.


I have wondered why film footage of motorcycle accidents is so popular. I suppose they are on equal footing with train wrecks, car wrecks and airplane crashes. While we hate to look, we find that once we do that it's very hard to turn your head away!

There are motorcycle videos for a person such as myself who needs help performing the various maintenance procedures needed on a bike or direction for installing any of the numerous accessories available to customize a motorcycle. For instance, a friend from across country sent some motorcycle videos of him installing his LED motorcycle lighting kit to send to me. While the quality of the movie could have been a little better, I found the instructions that came with my kit much easier to follow once I viewed the homemade video!

Some of the ladies I know in town were having problems finding a teacher willing to give them lessons on how to ride a motorcycle! Imagine that! I can certainly understand anyone’s reluctance to hop on a bike with somebody that doesn’t have a clue especially after some of the motorcycle crash videos that I've seen. Then again, I can understand wanting to join in the fun and learn to ride a bike. Bikers are by and large an independent breed and we want to ride when the mood strikes. Who wants to miss a rally because their friend who knows how to drive has left us high and dry without a ride? There’s no real substitute for hands on experience, but a video tutorial may help a novice know where the clutch and the brakes are located. I still pity any poor sap that has signed on to be the teacher, video or no.

Another great application for videos is to get instructions for airbrushing and customizing your motorcycle, helmets or whatever. While not strictly a motorcycle video, airbrushing videos can help with many decorative undertakings including customizing your chopper. I have watched one particular instructional video of this type many times as a refresher course. Being able to customize my own sheet metal has always been a dream of mine and while I’m not there yet, I’m getting much closer thanks to videos.

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