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Here is where you can list your used BMW motorcycle for sale by private owner. You may also be able to buy one at a huge discount. Our free classified listings allow the owner to accept a lower offer as there are no commissions to be paid out of the sale price which is the common practice with many online classified ads pages. Paying no commissions translates into cheap prices.
If you see a BMW you like but have a question or would like to contact the seller about the terms, accepted payment methods, located or to negotiate a cheaper sales price, you can use the contact information included in the classifieds to call the owner and see if he will offer a discount on the asking price listed.


BMW F650
Or you can ask questions, requests pictures or whatever else you need to make a decision as to whether or not to buy but please be sure that you leave your own contact information in the form that pops up so that the seller can contact you if necessary.

When the seller gets your email they should respond in a timely fashion IF he or she still has the BMW for sale. The people who use our service are asked to notify us when they have sold their motorcycles but sometimes they just don’t let us know so don’t get cranky with me if they don’t email or call you back.

If you have a bike that you would like to sell, you are welcome to fill out the form below and we will be happy to list your used motorcycles for sale as a free service to them and the visitors to this site.

Please make plans to visit Strike Lightning agains soon whether you found the USED BMW MOTORCYCLE for Sale that you were looking for or not! You will surely want to see more of our great used bikes for sale by owner.

AND we also post WANT ads and have classfieds for used motorcycle parts, helmets, accessories and gear for sale. Often these items are brand new in the box and for sale at discount prices PLUS you will be helping another biker raise some cash or clean out his or her shop and any help you can offer is always greatly appreciated!