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If you are shopping for used BSA motorcycles for sale or custom choppers, you might be interested in knowing that BSA stands for Birmingham Small Arms Company. Who knew that a manufacturer of small arms would be a manufacturer of motorcycles. Well, you learn something new every day.

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It is really very simple and not nearly as interesting as learning what BSA stands for but if you are shopping for a new motorcycle or have one for sale, you will have something that will probably be a lot more useful than motorcycle trivia.

Used BSA Motorcycles for Sale

When you find one of the BSAs that interests you, read the classified to see if the seller says how they would prefer to be contacted. Sometimes the seller with the chopper that you want to buy prefers that you call and leave a phone number and other times they want to be emailed so read the instructions they leave at the end of their ad.

Here is some reading that should interest you if you would like to know more fun stuff about BSA motorcycles:

A List of all BSA models manufactured from way back in the 1930's until the end of the marque in the 1970s.

A Forum where BSA motorcycle owners can get help with problems or talk about their favorite models.

1968 bsa thunderbolt motorcycle 1968 bsa firebird scrambler motorcycle 1968 bsa victor special motorcycle




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BSA Project Motorcycle 
The 1971 BSA Project Motorcycle for sale comes with an NOS frame in the original Dove Grey paint color. The NOS frame should probably be redone to get …

1966 BSA Victor for Sale 
The 1966 BSA Victor for Sale is the 1966 BSA Victor 441 and unlike so many other old motorcycles that have had most of the original parts replaced; I have …

1970 BSA Lightning Parts for Sale 
This 1970 BSA motorcycle comes with lots of 1970 BSA Lightning Parts for sale. The old BSA is a very nice, original 3rd owner bike that cranks, runs and …

BSA Lightning Thunderbolt Exhaust Pipes and Headers 
I have the following well used BSA Lightning Thunderbolt Exhaust Pipes and Headers for sale. The BSA Lightning A65 650 Exhaust Pipe have some cracks around …

1970 BSA Bobber for Sale 
The 1970 BSA Bobber for Sale started out as a 1970 BSA Lightning 650 that was correctly hard tailed and currently has a Frisco mount sporty tank and drag …

1967 BSA 441 Victor 
The 1967 BSA 441 Victor for sale is a vintage BSA 441 Shooting Star which is the street version of the 441 Victor and comes with a new shop manual, a spare …

1968 BSA Chopper for Sale Not rated yet
The 1968 BSA Chopper for Sale sounds totally bad ass and has scads of power especially considering the lightweight frame the motorcycle is on. The old …

1966 BSA Rickman for Sale  Not rated yet
The very rare 1966 BSA Rickman for Sale is an original Mark III with acron wheels, Mikuni carb, Ceriani front end, 850 stroker Kit for BSA, two (2) sets …

1951 BSA 350cc Motorcycle for Sale - Competely Restored Not rated yet
The 1951 BSA 350cc Motorcycle for Sale has been completely restored. The restoration of this old bike took over 10 months to complete using original spare …

1965 BSA Chopper for Sale Not rated yet
1965 BSA Chopper for Sale is a 1968 BSA Firebird 650 motor on astretched and lowered 1965 BSA motorcycle frame that has girder front end. It has good …

1968 BSA Firebird Chopper Not rated yet
I have a 1968 BSA Firebird Chopper for sale that's been lowered, stretched, raked and is raring and ready to ride! The motorcycle's engine starts up …

1968 BSA Chopper Project Motorcycle Not rated yet
The 1968 BSA Chopper for Sale is a project bike but the motorcycle already has lots of chrome, a flat black frame and a New rebuilt motor that has a …

Boxes of BSA Motorcycle Parts for Sale Not rated yet
I have BOXES and BOXES of old, used, vintage BSA Motorcycle Parts for Sale as well as parts for early model Triumph motorcycles. I have a collection …

1968 BSA VICTOR 441 SPECIAL  Not rated yet

1971 BSA Thunderbolt for Sale Not rated yet
The 1971 BSA Thunderbolt for Sale is a Thunderbolt 650 motorcycle just had a tuneup it starts on the first kick with no smoke. The motorcycle comes …

1966 BSA Lightning Motorcycle Parts Not rated yet
I have the following 1966 BSA Lightning parts for sale that were left over from when I rebuilt the engine and went .040 over. These 650 Lightning …

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If they say they want to be emailed but you see no address, all you have to do is click on the COMMENTS link found at the bottom of the classified ad. A form will pop up where you can ask questions, make offers, requests and leave your own contact information so they can get back in touch with you.

When you finish writing your e-mail you will press the button to submit it and then the seller will in return respond in whatever way you specified IF he or she still has the used BSA for sale that you were inquiring after. Sellers are asked to let us know when they no long have their BSA for sale but sometimes they don’t do is they are told so don’t get all mad at me if they don’t email or call you back.


Here are a few suggestions on what I believe to be the best way to advertise your BSA for sale that will get you the best results.

The first step is to write a detailed description of your BSA motorcycle for sale using decent grammar (PLEASE DON’T TYPE IN CAPS and spell check your ad). List as many details as possible including the year it was manufactured, any upgraded parts and accessories that you may have added during your ownership (and any factory parts that you kept that will come for the asking price), plus any helmets, saddlebags or gear that you are including in the deal.

THEN, you should take some flattering pictures of the BSA motorcycle for sale to show it to best advantage not camouflage any flaws. You can upload as many as four pictures of your BSA (or just one if you think that will do the trick). If you are super confident the bike’s going to sell, you can even skip this step completely but if you do you should expect to get lots of questions from potential buyers that want to know why there are no pictures on your classified!

When you are finished you will then preview your ad to see if it looks like you want it to and then you can push the button to submit it.

THEN a box will pop up after the preview and you should indicate that you would prefer to ONLY to get comments when potential buyers comment unless you want to hear about EACH and EVERY motorcycle for sale in GoGoCycles motorcycle classifieds.

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