Which Are the Best Waterproof Cold-Weather Motorcycle Gloves

Leather motorcycle gloves are one of the least expensive examples of protective motorcycle gear in any biker’s saddlebags. They can also be one of the most mind boggling items to shop for since the selection is so vast! As an example, do you really need battery powered, heated gloves or special waterproof motorcycle rain gloves? What is the best kind of glove for cold weather? Are fingerless gloves best for wear in hot weather?

Here's some information on choosing the best motorcycle gloves that you may want to read before shopping.

Will plain black leather be as comfortable as a more expensive pair of deerskin gloves? As you can see there are a lot of questions that need to be answered when looking for the best motorcycle gloves for your needs. Plus, it’s pretty obvious that you might need more than one pair. Here’s some information that will put you on your way towards find the right gloves for your climate and riding style.
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Some bikers shun heavy black leather biker gloves for summer riding and prefer to manage the handlebars barehanded. Others switch to lightweight summer riding gloves that are made of ultra-thin weather that have no waterproof lining to hold the heat. The drawbacks of this glove are that the pavement will eat them alive in a crash and they offer very little (if any) rain protection.

Fans of fingerless gloves argue that they allow better dexterity and are cooler in hot temperatures. My opinion is that while they may keep your hands better ventilated, they won’t protect your fingers in a wreck or your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Somewhere between heavy leather motorcycle gloves and the (in my opinion) useless lightweight riding gloves are gloves that represent the middle of the road. Most (smart) bikers that I know use these for summer riding since they come with reinforced areas that offer protection on crucial areas of the hand and yet are very comfortable to wear.

Cold weather gloves are usually lined unlike medium weight gloves and are made of thick material that will keep your hands warm while riding in cold temperatures. The lining will keep the wind out is a good way to stabilize the temperature of your hands. When looking for a good cold weather glove check to see that what you buy is waterproof or you will have wasted your money. Wet insulation is worse than no insulation at all.

The problem that I see written about in reviews of rain gloves is that they tend to be slippery on the controls. What good is riding with dry hands when you can’t control your bike? Why they can’t design a rain glove with a good fit and grip is a question that is often asked. If you know of one, please write a review and share your resource.


COMFORT AND SAFETY are essential in a glove. They should be waterproof and have a comfortable fit. Gloves that are too big will make handling the controls difficult and if the fit is too tight your circulation will be restricted resulting in numbness.

The most popular biker gloves are made of leather since that is the best material for protection for your hands if you wreck in the same way that good motorcycle boots and motorcycle jackets do. Some people believe that thick nylon will do just as well, but I’ve resisted making the change since nylon melts if exposed to high temperatures and the last thing I want or need if I am in a crash is nylon melted to my hide.

And speaking of protection, gloves with carbon fiber knuckle protection and extra padding on the knuckles and palms and metal studs on the palms to avoid tearing up your hands should you hit the pavement are worth paying for.

Even gloves come with special features these days. It’s up to you to decide which ones are worth paying for and which ones you can easily live without.

It's possible to buy removable motorcycle glove liners separately to wear under your medium weight biker gloves or some gloves come with their own removable liner. The advantage to buying a pair of gloves that comes with the liner is that you can be assured of a good fit immediately. The benefits of liners are that you can wash them and keep the inside of your glove smelling fresh as a daisy.

The only biker gloves that do not come with extensions would be lightweight summer gloves. The purpose of extensions is to fit over your sleeves to prevent the wind from blowing up the sleeves of your jacket. The complaints that I hear regarding glove extensions is that when riding in wet conditions rain running down your sleeves can make its way into your riding gloves. The easy fix for this problem is to simply tuck the extensions into the sleeves of your motorcycle jacket when riding in the rain.

Back in the day the wrists of riding gloves were adjusted using buttons. Today's wrist straps are usually made from Velcro and are much easier to maneuver. The advantage to buying a pair of gloves with adjustable wrist straps are that it improves the fit of the gloves and ensures that all protective safety features remain positioned properly.

I hope that this information will put you on your way to finding the best motorcycle gloves for your riding needs. If you find a pair of riding gloves that performed well in a crash, is comfortable and waterproof or keep your hands warm his taste in cold weather please visit GoGoCycles Used Motorcycles for Sale and tell us about them using the form on this page that has been provided for that purpose.

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