OUCH! Motorcycle Crash Video Film Clip

This motorcycle crash video sure lets you know that as a cycle enthusiast you better watch out for the lunatic fringe that lurks behind the steering wheel. You can bet that the dummy that cut in front of that guy didn't get so much as a scratch! These motorcycle crash pictures are very disturbing. So if you're into disturbing videos of horrible accidents, get ready to see what can go horribly wrong on even a short hop to the store.

Did anybody else note that in the motorcycle crash that the driver of the car didn't jump out of his vehicle very quickly. I hope that he was more concerned than he seemed as he was so clearly in the wrong. I also wondered how much of an actual jar that the driver received. It's extremely doubtful that their airbag even deployed in my humble opinion. Crash burn motorcycle videos really make you think about those kind of things, don't they?

At least the casual observers seemed to realize which of the accident victims might have the most immediate need for medical assistance. A few of the first responders actually seemed to break into a slow trot to go and get help. I hope that they were moving faster than the video indicated. It would help to know that somebody dialed 911 for the poor guy, too.

If you pay close attention to all the action in the motorcycle crash video, you will see his shoe flying off his foot. This guy took a really hard lick! Granted the motorcyclist seemed to be going a little too fast. In fact, if I can believe my own eyes he was going way the heck too fast. But I can't help but wonder if the car had its signal or blinker activated, could he have stopped in time to keep himself and the bike from being totally trashed?

I realize the motorcycle clearly had the right of way, but did he do everything within his power to prevent a crash? I'm sure he didn't start out that morning wanting to be the celebrity in a motorcycle crash video, but did the biker figure in his own cause of pain? When you are cruising about on a motorcycle, you should expect drivers in cars to do less than intelligent things. Face there are loads of stupid drivers and they do stupid things in traffic. Guess what, they don't have nearly the same chance for injury that somebody has while operating a motorcycle. They have the benefit of way more sheet metal coverage and when it's all said and done, biker's better head out expecting to dodge the dummys. There seems to be as much of a chance of a motorcycle wreck while racing on a track as there is on the public street.

The guy on the motorcycle is pretty much going to be on the dirty end of any wreck, so anything a biker can do to make himself more visible or eye-catching will be to his benefit. Loud pipes, LED motorcycle lights or lots of reflectors for night riding all are budget minded practices that may get good results.

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