by Dale
(Ontario Canada )

1964 NORTON ATLAS 750 MOTORCYCLE for Sale by Owner

1964 NORTON ATLAS 750 MOTORCYCLE for Sale by Owner

I have a freshly painted, newly RESTORED 1964 NORTON ATLAS 750 MOTORCYCLE for sale that has a fresh paint job in vintage black and has been rechromed. This old Norton is a new restoration!

This old Norton motorcycle is a classic and is in pristine condition running great!

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. All of the motorcycle's numbers match, it has
Dual Amal Monobloc carburetors in the original owners shop maintenance and repair manual will be will be included.

If you have experience with the 1964 Norton Atlas you are welcome to write a review or ask any questions using the space below that has been provided by GoGoCycles Used Motorcycles for Sale (and PLEASE do not neglect to include your contact information in your email or to provide a phone number or email address!) so that our visitors can respond with answers to your questions as quickly as possible.

There really aren't that many old Norton motorcycles for sale in Canada, on Craigslist or in an Ebay auction as nice as this one so hurry and make an offer before it gets away from you!

GoGoCycles would also encourage bikers to submit a review of the 1964 NORTON ATLAS 750 MOTORCYCLE to make the biker community aware of any problems that are commonly associated with the 1964 model or to highlight its positive features and help potential buyers make informed decisions.


My asking price for the motorcycle is $10,000 and if you're interested or have questions you are welcome to contact meand don't forget to mention that you found this ad on GoGoCycles Motorcycle Classifieds gogocycles.com.

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Price is pretty subjective
by: Norton fan

I would say it is worth whatever you can get for it.. I rode a P11 Scrambler one time,,, I will never forget the ride,, Later I bot a 71 Commando and then a second one after that...
I plan to get another one soon but I would not mind getting an Atlas too... chow

Cost and value
by: Terry

There is very little relationship between what something cost in 1964 and it's value today. $10,000.00 for a restored Norton Atlas is VERY reasonable. Price out paint, prep supplies, rebuild parts and machining services they do not come cheap. As a comparison I made $.75 an hour in 1964 and when I retired last year I was making $48.00 an hour that would make the $1700 Norton worth $108,000.00 by your logic go figure.

by: Anonymous


64 atlas
by: bikerdon

I have a 64 model Atlas bought in 1965 that has over 600k miles on her. I wouldn't part with my baby for the world!

If yours is as nice as you say it is; it is worth every penny that you are asking. I have a question. When you re-did her what balance factor did you use? They shook a bit stock but if the bikes are balanced properly they are one sweet ride.

I wish they still made the Atlas as it is my fave over the other models that I own.

Norton Atlas 750
by: Anonymous

10 Grand is over the top. Really nice motorcycle, I'm sure, but NOT 10K. Try 5500-6500 and you will be in the right ballpark.

Scott B
by: Anonymous

Hell 10 k as it sits is a great price .Ive had one for 30+ Yrs. And I beat it to Hell but it always started. I have just it restored totally and that bike is worth every penny. One ride on a 65 does not make you an expert plus it was a 65 not 64. Good luck to the buyer...

your norton
by: wade

that is indeed a Atlas as you say. but, for the price asked as to the claimed condition of this bike, you fault. i rode one of these in 1965. i know what the dealers price was for this and other available models. to a Norton freak, this bike is worth $5000 to high end $7000. Tops. hell, they sold for about $1700 back then.

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