Used Honda Chopper for Sale Classified Ads

Whether you are a free spirited individual who is looking for a Honda chopper for sale or find yourself in the regrettable position of having to sell that Honda Shadow chopper that you worked so hard to build, you have possibly found THE place to take care of both situations.

You might even find a used Honda chopper frame, wheels or what have you that will inspire you to get back in the shop, break out the tools, buy some parts and do your part to improve on the design of mass produced motorcycles. Buy a kit and watch custom choppers take shape from a pile of ratty basket cases into raging, barely street legal machines.

1997 Honda Valkyrie Chopper Unique Bike Candy Apple Red paint color custom1973 CB 750 HONDA CHOPPER BOBBER CUSTOM




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Honda 750 Chopper for Sale  
The classic Honda 750 Chopper for Sale is a CB 750 Honda sporting a stunning Chopper/Bagger one-of-a-kind design. This bike is total riding perfection …

1976 Honda CB750 Chopper for Sale 
The 1976 Honda CB750 Chopper for Sale is a nice custom motorcycle with a rigid frame, a big bore kit 810cc, custom forward controls, a custom oil gauge, …

1992 Honda 350 Chopper for Sale 
I have a 1992 Honda 350 chopper for sale that just needs a few parts to get it up and running and ready for the road. The engine of the Honda chopper …

1982 Honda 750 Bobber  
The 1982 Honda 750 Bobber for sale has a 1972 Honda 750 motor. It will need a parts for the rear brake but they will be no problem to find on eBay. …

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If you feel the need just own just one more chopper before you hang up your chaps or are just entering the world of riding and are looking for just the right motorcycle, you should know that you can post a WANT ad and tell us what you’re looking for and what you’re willing to pay to see if anybody has the bike you want for sale OR if you find exactly what you want for sale in our classifieds and think you might want to buy, check the ad to see how the seller says he wants to be contacted and jump on it FAST because the best custom choppers don’t last long.

To contact the seller of the Honda chopper for sale, use the COMMENTS link below the classified ad. Type your questions, make requests for additional pictures of the Honda chopper for sale and then leave your contact information so the seller can get back with you. When you send your message, the seller (hopefully) will respond in a timely manner IF he or she still has the used chopper for sale. I ask (actually BEG) sellers to let me know when their bikes are sold but they don’t always do as I ask so don’t get all mad and fussy with me if they don’t email or call you back.

Here’s the best way to advertise your Honda chopper, accessories, frames and parts for sale that will get the best results.

Write a couple of descriptive paragraphs telling us about whatever you have for sale using good grammar (PLEASE DON’T TYPE IN CAPS and spell check your ad) with as many details as you can including details about the kit, the engine, the exhaust and on down to what kind of bolts, screws or brackets that are holding it all together.

Another thing that I would suggest is that you take pictures of the custom Honda chopper for sale from lots of different angles so that the buyer can see the motorcycle at its best. You can upload four photos of the Honda chopper (or just one if you think that’s all you need) or you can skip this step if you are ready to explain to potential buyers why you didn’t post pictures on the ad!

When you are done, preview the classified to be sure it’s complete and then submit it.

AFTER YOU SUBMIT, put a check in the box that pops up after the preview indicating that you ONLY want to get messages from serious buyers and not be contacted every time somebody’s posts a new ad on Strike Lightning.

If you don’t know a Honda Shadow chopper from a Honda 750 chopper or maybe want to know how to build your own custom Honda chopper you might want to visit this community and become acquainted in order to get more information before you buy.